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Old Out-of-State Suspension Results in Loss of Virginia License

If another state has suspended your license in the past, an enhanced National Driver Register (NDR) report can cause Virginia DMV to revoke or cancel your current license.  Also, that out-of-state suspension will stop you from re-instating your license.

Example:  Mr. S. was revoked by North Carolina in 1995 for a DUI, but did not complete NC’s requirements.  Mr. S. moved to Virginia and obtained a Virginia license.  When his license came up for renewal in 2011, DMV refused because the NDR reported him suspended in NC.

It can also happen in reverse.  Example:  Ms. J was suspended in Virginia for unpaid fines.  She moved to Maryland and applied for a Maryland license.  She was turned down because the NDR reported she was still suspended in VA.

In both cases, Drive-To-Work can help.  Contact us right away.

Client Success Story: Cory


Cory, age 30, has his own business, in Richmond. He provides night-time office cleaning services for businesses and needed to get to their locations every evening. With equipment to carry and no night time public transportation, Cory needed a driver's license.

Unfortunately, he lost his license in 2004 when he failed to pay a court fine. He kept driving, and he kept getting caught. By the time he came to Drive-To-Work, he owed over $1,600 in unpaid fines and was suspended for driving while suspended in four courts, totaling 12 months. Plus, he faced further court charges for the same thing.

Cory is an example of someone who just cannot do his or her job without being able to drive. He chose to continue driving rather than stop working. Of course, he violated the law and had to pay the consequences.

Cory came to Drive-To-Work in mid-2009. We got him on pay plans for his fines and went to court to get restricted licenses allowing him to drive at work. By December, he was again driving legally.

Cory says, "I knew all along I needed to get my license back, but just could not make it through the process alone. Drive-To-Work definitely helped. Now, I am working at my business and it is growing. I drive without looking over my shoulder for the blue lights. I am a happy man."

More Success Stories:
The feeling of independence is "Awesome"! I'm able to provide for my family & without the shame of asking someone to do my job. Not only have you & your staff restored my life but I was able to enroll into a CDL Driving Class and currently on my way to landing a better career. You and your staff have definitely made a difference! My family & I appreciate you! - William
Drive to work really helped me get on the right track of getting everything together and in order to get my driving privileges back. - Grushan

New! "How To Get Your License Back" Seminars

Drive-To-Work has developed a one-hour group seminar to familiarize persons
participating in workforce development and offender re-entry programs about the re-licensing process. These seminars consist of a personally-presented power point presentation conducted at a location provided by the sponsoring organization. Each participant comes to the seminar with his or her own DMV Compliance Summary showing requirements to get a license. They leave with a checklist of specific steps to take to get a Virginia driver’s license. The participants learn which steps they can do for themselves and those that are more successful if they get assistance from Drive-To-Work. Contact Drive-To-Work for information about sponsoring organizations.

Clients Served and Licenses Obtained

Drive-To-Work is the only organization or firm in Virginia helping low income or previously incarcerated persons to get their licenses back so they can drive to work. Since opening its doors in 2007, Drive-To-Work has received requests for information about its services from nearly 4,500 persons and 2,300 of those persons have applied. We have served nearly 800 clients. Through July 2011, 240 clients had become license-eligible.

Here is an e-mail we received from one successful client:

Greetings Mr. Rollins,

I am sending this thank you email. I appreciate you and your staff and thank you all for everything that you all do to help me. I am pleased to inform you that on 4/26/11 I recieved my official drivers license.

Mr. Rollins, you and your staff have tremendously helped me in every way possible even though sometimes I didn't see how things would work out. Thanks be to God!  Thanks for all that you do. I am so thankful and a testimony that if I can accomplish this , so can anyone.

Respectfully yours,


Drive-To-Work on the Radio

Randy Rollins gave an interview to WRIR, at FM 97.3, Richomond, on the problem faced by drivers with suspended licenses and how to fix it.  Listen to the interview by clicking on the ">" arrow in the sound player below:

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