Restoring Driving Privileges

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Richmond, VA 23221

Drive To Work & How It Works

About Drive-To-Work

Drive-To-Work is a Virginia non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. It assists qualifying low-income and previously incarcerated persons to restore driving privileges so they can drive to work and hold a job.

Legal and other services are provided by attorneys.  Clients pay an administrative fee starting at $250 (higher in complex cases) to cover part of the cost.

Drive-To-Work has cooperative agreements with Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and other state and private agencies to facilitate its work.

Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for services, applicants must meet its eligibility guidelines.

  1. Fill out an application, obtain DMV driver records and provide two recent paycheck stubs.
  2. Have gross income below two times the applicable federal poverty level.
  3. Be employed or have other resources to pay reinstatement fees, insurance, past due fines, court filing fees, etc.
  4. Sign an attorney retainer agreement and pay an administrative fee when accepted.

Drive-To-Work's Services

Drive-To-Work's goal is to restore driving privileges. Its services typically involve re-instatement of licenses or obtaining restricted driving permits, not defense of serious driving offenses. For these services consult other attorneys or if your gross income is too high to qualify, visit

Steps needed to restore driving privileges include: