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Remove Fines From Your Record!

WHEN: July 2, 2019 from 10am-3pm

WHERE: DMV Connect at Drive-To-Work

A DMV Connect team can do all DMV transactions except vital records and testing. They will updated the DMV records of our clients, applicants and others by removing suspensions for court fines and costs. This is authorized by a major change in the law effective July 1.

After your record is updated, you will be closer than ever to getting your license back. If fines were the only reason for suspension, your driving privileges will be restored, if you meet normal legal presence requirements. And even if you were suspended for other reasons, your record will improve.

It's worth your time to come on July 2nd for this opportunity for quick and custom DMV service.

Governor Ralph Northam plans to attend at 11 a.m. to bring attention to a change in the law which provides that failure to pay court fines and costs will no longer result in suspension of a person's driver's license.  Click for more details...

Let us know if you are coming by calling (804) 358-6727 or sending us an email at

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