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More Tips for Drivers During COVID-19

May 8, 2020

If you are trying to get your license back but have been delayed by the Covid-19 shutdown, new developments can make it happen quickly. Act NOW. 

  1. DMV is scheduled to re-open its branches on May 11. Special procedures, such as making appointments and doing more transactions on-line, will be used to minimize exposure to the virus. If you are getting a restricted license or need to be tested for a new license, the DMV door will be open.
  2. The courts are resuming hearings starting now, but encouraging business to be conducted over the phone or through e-mails. Likely, for restricted licenses, the courts will grant them liberally and in many cases without even having a hearing. Also, filings can be made with electronic signatures, including scanning. This change will also speed up the process.
  3. VASAP is making it easy to complete intervention interviews by handling them by telephone.  Call Capital Area ASAP at 804-376-6090. It takes about an hour
  4. For participation in the ten- or more week VASAP program, contact your VASAP office and see if you can participate through Zoom or similar service. This can save you time and possibly minimize the number of in-person alcohol screenings. Call Capital Area ASAP 804-367-6090 or John Tyler ASAP, 804-786-4281 and 804-672-1786
  5. For driver improvement clinics, get in touch with DTW Driving School at 804-918-6634. The clinic can be completed on-line and DTW Driving School gives the final test by appointment.

Don’t wait. Take advantage of this new window of opportunity. Call Drive-To-Work for further information, 804-358-6727 or email

Randy Rollins
DTW Founder