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Updates from Sara Wilson

May 20, 2020

This has been a time of major change for our community and Drive-To-Work. At the beginning of 2020, DTW settled into to a new location with a new president replacing the retiring founder. We thought those were big adjustments. After just over 60 days into the new year, COVID-19 struck. Life as we know it changed.



  • The needs of our clients are still being met. Keeping safety in mind, clients are being met in the office by appointment.
  • DTW client strategy sessions are held by phone.
  • DTW clients continue to receive their licenses or had their cases rescheduled.
  • DTW Driving School classroom courses are redirected to online courses for the time being.


  • Telework is the new norm.
  • Zoom is a new word in our vocabulary.
  • Employees are coordinating their office visits to minimize exposure.
  • Like everyone else, toilet paper and sanitizing wipes are a prized commodity.


  • Cases in the “pipeline” have been completed.
  • DMV has begun the phased reopening process. This allows our clients to take DMV tests and get a photo ID by appointment.
  • The scheduled Department of Corrections meetings have been postponed.
  • Many foundations and donors are focusing their giving efforts on basic life needs. We are grateful to still be receiving gifts from our supporters. Thank you.
  • We received a Payroll Protection Plan loan from our bank, which we anticipate turning into a grant.

As we move toward a new normal, we will continue to focus on employee and client safety. In order to manage the number of people in the office, our client meetings will be by appointment only. Telework will be encouraged as much as possible. The team has done a great job pulling together during the pandemic, and I expect that to continue.

We are excited that the courts are beginning to schedule cases, and we look forward to assisting our clients get their license back so they drive to work and keep a job.

For those of you that I haven’t had a chance to meet, I will be reaching out to you by Zoom!

Sara R. Wilson