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Imagine Coming to DTW and Receiving Hope

December 11, 2018

Imagine not being employed, no income.

Imagine being on minimum wage, working short hours, working the late shift.

Imagine having to depend on family, friends, public transportation to get you to work on time.

Imagine driving and risking getting stopped - fines, suspensions, probation violations – even jail.

Imagine everything you need to provide and keep your family safe, healthy, nourished.

Imagine not knowing where to go.

Imagine coming to Drive-To-Work and receiving hope.

My name is Chris Toler and I work for Drive-To-Work.

I enjoy working here because I see the mission of Drive-to-Work in action. I have met thousands of individuals over the last 11 years who have come through our doors seeking assistance to get restored; they struggle to reach that goal; and beam with joy and gratefulness when they come back with the license in hand. The path is not easy by any means. Not everyone makes it because living in poverty makes all of this difficult.

The program requires money to start and continues thru the process – DTW fees, down payments for pay plans and continual monthly payments with the courts, filing fees, reinstatement fees, VASAP programs, back child support and civil judgments. It’s overwhelming.

It would be overwhelming for anyone.

Imagine being incarcerated and having this waiting for you when you are released.

I wear many hats at DTW, but one that is significant is the Department of Corrections “Driver's License Recovery Program.”

Imagine hearing that there is a program that can explain solutions, point you in the right direction. A Program that individually addresses the daunting path to get back behind the wheel legally is waiting for you.

Our president, Randy Rollins, had the vision to seek a change in the driving laws. Our organization has been proactive in getting laws changed to benefit our clients. These are our little secrets that affect all Virginia drivers.

Over that past four years, we have been presenting seminars to offenders at selected DOC facilities. The program touches on all the reasons for suspension and gives an overview of what to expect when they are released. We are starting a driver improvement clinic in the facilities where in the future they can eliminate that requirement. One step towards getting their record cleaned up that can be accomplished while incarcerated.

We have the support of numerous volunteer attorneys that give their time and energy to travel to the facilities; present the information; and, answer questions. They are a remarkable bunch and I appreciate their commitment and their employers’ generosity every day.

Walk thru our door, call us; we will review your drivers’ transcripts and assess what your issues are even before you decide to use our services. That knowledge gives you a start. Begin the program, and you get a personally designed strategy based on your DMV records and your financial ability. The staff at Drive-To-Work understands that this is a big commitment and will work with you to get licensed.

Follow the program, keep on track with the strategy and success is reachable.

Now imagine the confidence you have applying for jobs; knowing you can provide for your family’s needs.

I can image this and actually see it. This is my perk.

Chris Toler
Client Services and Programs Manager