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Tips for Suspended Drivers During the COVID-19 Shutdown

April 13, 2020

No doubt about it! Social distancing and business closures during the COVID-19 epidemic have drastically altered the normal way people who lost their licenses can restore their driving privileges. 

This includes closing all DMV customer service centers through at least April 23. If you do not currently have a license, you will not be able to be tested and licensed until the CSC’s reopen. But existing licenses are automatically extended for 60 days from their normal expiration dates. Any online transaction can also proceed.

Also, Virginia courts are closed except for emergencies until April 26. Petitions for restricted licenses, license restorations, etc. are delayed.

But here are some tips for improving your chances while these closings continue:

  1. License suspensions for fines and costs were removed last July. This one decision can drastically change your DMV compliance summary (and in some cases make you “license eligible” immediately. Get a new compliance summary online at the DMV website, It’s free. Or contact Drive-To-Work for assistance at
  2. If your DMV compliance summary requires a driver improvement clinic, you can do it online.  Online clinics are listed on DMV website. Better yet; sign up for Drive-To-Work’s online class at Drive-To-Work is also a testing site for the final test you must pass.  Call 804-918-6634 to arrange a time. We will notify DMV that you passed and your record is automatically updated.
  3. If your DMV compliance requires an intervention interview, you can do it by phone at Capital Area ASAP, in Richmond. Call 804-367-6090. Once completed, ASAP notifies DMV and your record is automatically updated.
  4. Sometimes doing the driver improvement clinic or intervention interview “starts the clock” on other consecutive suspensions, such as the six-month period for a drug-related suspension. So, do these easy and inexpensive steps now, so the “clock” runs while you stay at home. Ask Drive-To-Work for help,    
  5. My advice: take advantage of your “down time” and get ready to get your license back!

Randy Rollins
DTW Founder