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Based on its experience with clients, Drive-To-Work has made positve legislative suggestions for  changes to Virginia motor vehicle laws.  These amendments improve opportunities for relicensing for every member of the public.  As a result, Drive-to-Work has become the "defacto spokesman" for Virginia drivers.. Here is a list of laws adopted as a result:

2008 – Authorized restricted license for suspension due to unpaid fines

2009 – Authorized restricted license for suspension due to unauthorized driving

2010 – Authorized restricted learner’s permits

2013 – Authorized a shorter adult driver’s license re-examination course for those failing the exam three times

2013 – Established statute of limitations on civil judgments suspending licenses.

2016 – Allowed the waiver of interest on all court fines and costs during periods of incarceration.

2016 - Extended the shorter driver’s license re-examination course for juveniles who have previously taken high school driver’s education.

2016 – Authorized a study of the use of suspension of driver’s licenses as a collection tool for costs and fines and its impact on employment opportunity.

2016 – Authorized the Virginia Supreme Court to adopt uniform, reasonable rules for pay plans for fines and costs suspending licenses.

2017 – Established uniform and accessible standards for payment agreements for fines and costs suspending licenses, enabling drivers both to meet their financial responsibilities and get their licenses back.

2017 – Permitted judges the discretion not to suspend the driver’s license of a person convicted of a first time marijuana charge.

2017 – Converted a license suspension for driving on suspended because of unpaid fines from a consecutive suspension to a concurrent suspension.

Since 2007, DTW has initiated 12 new laws that helped suspended drivers.
Virginia State Capitol Courtesy of Peter Blankman