Drive To Work : Restoring Virginia Driving Privileges : Suspension Problem

License Suspension Problem 

Government Officials Recognize The License Suspension Problem

“The ability to drive is fundamental to a person’s independence and to supporting themselves and their families.”

Governor Terry McAuliffe, 2017 Second Chance Luncheon

“Drive-to-Work participants are very successful in getting employment, keeping employment and becoming promoted because A, they have their licenses and B, they have self-respect.”

US District Judge, Robert E. Payne

“Not having a driver’s license is a serious employment-related problem which negatively affects returning citizens, their children and families and our community. People without driving privileges are effectively excluded from many jobs.”

Harold Clarke, Director, Virginia Department of Corrections

Facts about Virginia Drivers

Number of Drivers: 5.9 Million

Number of Suspended Licenses: 1.3 Million

Source: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, 2018

Without a valid driver’s license, you are not “job ready”!

How many jobs require a driver’s license for success?

  • Nearly 1,900 job categories require a driver’s license
  • Transportation jobs, such as truck driver, taxies, school bus drivers
  • On-site jobs, like electricians, computer techs, construction workers
  • Shift jobs, where you must show up on time to relieve other workers
  • Employment when a license is considered a “credential”

How do I get the kids to school?

Driving to a job is not the only thing you miss.  Without a valid driver’s license, you cannot:

  • Take care of your family by driving children to the doctor, to school or day care, to after school activities
  • Enjoy your friends and family: driving to church, ball games, recitals, and much more
  • Take care of every day needs:  driving to the grocery store, the beauty shop and  necessary errands
  • Take advantage of employment opportunities:  driving  to job interviews and training programs
There are more than 974,000 suspended licenses in Virginia
No drivers license? You can't take advantage of job opportunites.
Public transportation is not always reliable