Drive To Work : Restoring Virginia Driving Privileges : Fees

Our Fees 

Affordable Fees

Because we are a non-profit law firm, we can offer our services at a greatly reduced rate. 

Drive-To-Work fees are based on the steps and effort required to restore driver's licenses in individual cases. The minimum fee is $300 (starting July 1), and these fees are increased based on the number of additional actions (such as court motions). Fees are not based on income levels.

We tell you the amount of all fees for your case – in advance. Initial administrative fees must be paid in full before you become a client and before we can do any work.

When it is time to go to court for a restricted license or other hearing, you pay a supplemental fee, plus any costs of filing and travel.

Drive-To-Work does not provide financial assistance for fines, costs or other expenses. Applicants should be sure they have a job or other financial resources to pay for these expenses.

Clients pay for a portion of the legal fees.