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Client Success Stories

From DOC to DMV February 15, 2019

Michael attended a DOC “How to Get Your License Back” seminar while incarcerated at Indian Creek Correctional Center. He was paroled and Drive-To-Work petitioned to get his license restored in the fall. His license was fully restored in January. He is now working for a local company detailing cars. “The therapeutic program and the driver’s license seminar at Indian Creek Correctional facility really helped me. Getting a job driving a truck – that’s where I am heading. Thank you, Mr. Rollins.”

LaPonda December 4, 2018

LaPonda lost her license due to nearly $100,000 in toll violations and penalties caused by a relative driving her car. She is a single mom living lives in Amela County with her daughter and just had to drive to her job at VCU Medical Center in downtown Richmond. LaPonda says she “ felt in bondage without a license.” We were able to restore her license within five days and are now working with LaPonda to resolve the toll violation cases.

Joseph October 30, 2018

Joseph managed to accumulate over $26,000 in fines and costs in 12 courts, plus incur 30 months of court-ordered license suspensions. A DMV representative said he had “the worst record they had ever seen.” Then he learned about DTW from a probation bulletin board. With some financial help from friends and DTW’s assistance, after five months Joe now has a restricted license. Jo . . .

Kelly July 25, 2018

Kelly learned about Drive-to-Work while incarcerated. When he was released in 2017, he started the process of getting his drivers license in order to get a job. DTW created a game plan for Kelly to follow and petition the courts to restore his license. He soon obtained a restricted license and should be fully restored in November. He acquired an herbicide application certification while incarcerated and continues to acquire new skills. He now works full time at 42 Construction and is looking forward to new opportunities after his license is restored.

Angela April 18, 2018

Angela was without a license for nine months due to various fines. She was dependent on friends and family for rides. She also used public transportation which cost as much as $20 a day. The driver restoration process took about five months to complete. She owed money to four different courts. Drive-to-Work helped her combine into one monthly payment.

James March 17, 2018

James has been a client since 2017. As you can see, he operates a cable installation business where driving is essential. He had eight DUI’s in three states over 10 years ago. His last drink was in 2010. He has spent over $60,000 in the last five years on fees, fines, court costs, etc. Drive-to-Work helped him get a Virginia restricted license and got all the charges from North Carolina dismissed. His license should be fully restored in six months.

Sherman November 17, 2017

In 2016, Sherman was released from jail and participated in Healing Place and Kingdom Life programs. Previously he amassed fines and costs of over $19,000 and his driving privileges were revoked. Drive-To-Work helped Sherman remove the fines from his driving record through payoffs and pay plans and petitioned four courts for a restricted license. He is now working at Advance Auto Parts. 

Carol October 31, 2017

In 2012, Carol was involved in an alcohol-related crash in Goochland with life-threatening injuries to two individuals. While serving time, she participated in the RISE program and realized just how danerous it is to drive while impaired.  Drive-To-Work assisted her in court to restore her full driving privileges. Now that she has her license, she continues to attend AA/NA and is living in Winchester, VA.