Drive To Work : Restoring Virginia Driving Privileges : Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions:

How long is the process going to take?
Drive-To-Work cannot tell you until you apply to our program by completing an application and submitting it to Drive-To-Work via fax, mail or online. We will contact you after approximately 10 business days and explain the fees and procedures for our program. We will have a better idea after you have signed the client agreement, paid your administrative fee and we have met with you about the strategy.

What is the application fee for?
The processing fee is for obtaining your most current DMV records including driver’s history and for the attorney to review those records to determine the steps needed to restore your license and the fees for our service.

Why can’t I do this on my own?
You can do the steps to restore your driving privilege on your own. However, it can be a complicated process. We have been working to restore people’s driving privileges since 2007 providing legal assistance to help you through the steps.

How much do I have to bring to get started?
We do not know. After the application has been processed, Drive-To-Work will contact you to let you how much the fees are and the procedures needed to get started. You would then decide whether or not you would like to use our services.

Can I get a temporary license to drive back and forth to work?
Obtaining a restricted license is usually the last step of the process after you have removed other reasons you are suspended, such as unpaid outstanding fines and costs, civil judgements and overdue child support.

I am incarcerated or my husband, wife, brother etc is incarcerated, what do I do?
Normally, Drive-To-Work cannot assist you or them until after being released from incarceration. However, we can assist an individual who is on work release.

I’ve never had a license, what happens once I restore my driving privilege?
You would likely first be issued a learners permit for 60 days.

I have court tomorrow for a driving charge, how can you help me?
Drive-to-Work cannot assist you until you become a client and pay the administrative fee for our service. Once you become a client, we would be able to write a letter to the Court stating you are enrolled in our program and we expect it to take 90 days or so to get your license back. We would not represent you in that pending case.

I never had a license, how can I be suspended?
To be suspended means you are ineligible to get a license. We can assist you in becoming eligible.

I am living out of state, can Drive-To-Work assist me?
Only if you have Virginia suspensions preventing you from getting a license in another state can we assist in working with you to clear those issues. However, if you are currently living in Virginia and have suspensions in another state we can assist you in researching the out-of-state issue.

Are there any other programs in another state like Drive-To-Work?
Our non-profit program is unique in Virginia in being able to offer a comprehensive approach to restore your driving privileges that has been successful since 2007.